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Elevate your water bottle's durability and style with Sticker Armor, the premier solution for safeguarding against scratches and daily wear. This two-pack clear sleeve not only extends the lifespan of your cherished water bottle but also keeps your personalized stickers in pristine condition.


Why Choose Sticker Armor?


  • Exact fit Guaranteed: Designed to fit the most popular reusable water bottles, Sticker Armor offers a universal solution to bottle wear.

  • Adhesive-Free Innovation: Our unique adhesive-free technology allows for effortless replacement, maintaining your bottle's fresh and new look with ease.

  • Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective: By extending the life of your water bottle and stickers, Sticker Armor can significantly lengthen the time between bottle replacements.


Rediscover the joy of expressing yourself through your water bottle, without the worry of damage or wear. Sticker Armor is here to protect what matters to you.

Please Note: Water bottles are not included with Sticker Armor.

Sticker Armor 32oz Nalgene® 2-Pack

SKU: 0001
  • Standard Nallgene® 32oz

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