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  • How do I apply Sticker Armor?
    Sticker Armor is very easy to apply and only requires a hot air hairdryer. Steps: Make sure bottle is clean and free from dirt and debris. Slide the clear Sticker Armor sleeve over your bottle so that it touches the surface you are using. Apply heat to the Sticker armor using a hot air hairdryer to cause it to shrink and wrap around the bottle. Be patient not all hairdryers get very hot so focusing on wrinkle spots may be necessary to get a good application.
  • How long does a Sticker Armor last?
    The short answer is, it depends. Depending on use and how scratched up you are willing to let the sleeve get, Sticker Armor has lasted over a year for some of our personal bottles.
  • Do you have more bottle sizes available?
    Yes we have many sizes available and more on the way! Have a size we aren't selling yet? email us at and we can look into a solution for you.
  • Can Sticker Armor go in the dishwasher?
    Yes. Sticker Armor can survive the dishwasher However! we recommend against this as it can cause it to get cloudy over time due to the strong chemicals and high heat used.
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